i wish i had a canon instead of a nikon

my grandpa just told me that he’s willing to take my brother and i to dubai this summer. holy shit yes

so excited because i’m going to china for 2 and a half weeks!!!

why am i so obsessed with looking up colleges

swimming season is over and i’m sad :(

i am still in lane 1 wow

why do i suck at everything?

channing tatum is not that attractive

prometheus is the most confusing movie ever

wow i thought you were my friend. thanks for randomly turning on me. i don’t even know what i’ve ever don’t to you. you’ve always been such a nice person, and i just can’t figure out what happened to you tonight. you really upset me. ):

wow fuck you asshole. how dare you lead my best friend on, AGAIN. you’re such a dick, my goddd.

my parents have no idea how evil my chinese teacher is

“please dont leave”

qing bu yao lu kai

i freaking hate school. i’m trying so hard this year, and i decided not to take any honor courses this year, but i still have Bs, and chinese is so horrible this year. why is high school so harddddd

"are you going out with jerry?"